Interesting post on the main EVE forum here. Tasteless analogies aside, the point is in that the most effective way to deal with na oversupply of minerals in game is to increase the mayhem by reducing penalties for gankers. In other words, de-trammeling empire space. Trammel of course being the name of the PvPless realm EA created in Ultima Online to deal with rampant griefing.

De-trammelization is the removal of player protection from PvP. It’s often a common aim on the EVE forums, although it may not be as directly mentioned as that. Reducing insurance payout also acts as a form of it, making PvP engagements cost more, since insurance gives a base price back each time you lose a ship. Other things might be nerfing asteroid yields in the hopes that more miners leave the safety of empire and risk PvP in the harsher security regions of space.

It’s interesting because there are some valid points. It is very hard to convince many carebears to leave safety and go out into lowsec or 0.0. Carebears unlike PvPers really get little out of PvP. Mining ships simply cannot defend against a coordinated assault, and while transports can endure some damage, without escort they will get slaughtered. The burden is on us (and yes, I am a carebear too in it) and we get little reward.

We have to go out though and be targets for the game to mature. In my eyes, its obvious CCP wants players in corporations, with PvPers defending the resource gatherers, while pirates and rival corporations try to destroy them. The problem is being a target sucks, really.

So the obvious solution is to de-trammel the game. Slowly remove carebear protection, and hopefully guide them into being bait. Heavily defended bait, but bait all the same. The hope is that this will change EVE from everyone versus everyone to empire versus empire. Otherwise the two poles of carebear versus PvPer will pull the game apart. CCP took a baby step by introducing tax into NPC corps, which cannot be declared war on. I wonder if we will see more in days ahead.


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