MMO Bloggers of 2009

I wouldn’t have started writing a blog if it weren’t for all of the high-quality ones being put out by both personal and professional bloggers. I think it’s only right to acknowledge them and give my thoughts, as well as thanks for great writing.

The biggest surprise to me was finding myself agreeing a lot with Syncaine at Hardcore Casual. He is very much the type of player I am not: a PvPer, proponent of sandbox over themepark gameplay, and a niche MMO gamer. However, I find he writes both well and entertainingly, and he in part was one of the reasons I started playing EVE, although he may not know it. He’ll probably wind up coaxing me to Darkfall as well, just by his coverage of it.

Tobold at Tobold’s MMO blog I also owe a similar debt to. It was his experiences with Luminary that got me to trying F2P games, and that caused me to play Mabinogi. He and I are more similar, but I’m afraid I read him less now, since he is more of an orderly, reasonable person and I come across as harsh or strident.

Syp at Bio Break I also enjoy reading a lot. He’s a very good author and got me to try National Novel Writing Month. Bio Break is also a great general blog to catch up on what others are thinking, as well as his own thoughts.

Tesh at Tish Tosh Tesh I want to personally thank for his comments. His site is great, with intelligent, often quirky but never dull posts from a soloist, and artist in the field of game design.

An aspiring MMO designer, Evizaer writes scholarly, erudite posts at That’s a Terrible Idea. We often don’t see eye to eye, but what he doesn’t see is the many times I have to go out walking and chew on one of his posts about design, and he often has some valuable ways of classifying and defining the concepts that make MMOs.

One of the MMO blogs that helped me see things from the developer’s perspective was by Brian Psychochild Greene. Despite his rough sounding moniker, he is as courteous and civil a blogger as I have seen, and always full of insight. He made me more realistic in terms of what I can expect from designers as a player, and made me think harder about the design issues a developer faces as they create the games I play.

Last, but not least, what really started me on my MMO PC gaming. Massively is a problog I stumbled onto while reading its sister blog Joystiq. From there I discovered new games, new bloggers, a community, and took the leap into a new world. I still comment their frequently, and always appreciate what they have done.

Thanks to all of them and the many others that open people’s eyes to the MMO world, be it personal, professional, or newsworthy.

One Response to MMO Bloggers of 2009

  1. Tesh says:

    Aw, shucks. Thanks! I do tend to embrace my inner quirk.

    It’s been good to see you firing up a blog too, by the way. Yummy, yummy misanthropy.

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