New Year’s resolutions 2010.

It’s hard to believe it’s almost 2010. With that in mind, my own gaming-related resolutions:

-Keep expanding my horizons. I am a conservative, risk-averse person at heart, and love the familiar. I vow to keep trying new games and experiences, be it quirky or mainstream.

-Get more hardcore. I put in the time, but I need to step up more and take my MMO playing to the next level. I’m capable of a lot more than I do now in whatever games I play, and it’s only my own thoughts that hold me back.

-Work on this blog. It’s been a new experience for me, blogging and reading other’s blogs about MMO gaming, and I need to HTFU (harden the fuck up, EVE slang) and increase the quality of my writing and the site itself.

-Reconnect to console gaming. I originally came to MMOs by way of consoles, with Phantasy Star Online for the dreamcast, and then Final Fantasy XI for the PS2. I have slipped from my roots and rarely play consoles anymore. It might be time, or cost, but so many good games are passing me by.

-Rely on others more. I am a misanthrope at heart, a soloist in a genre that demands personal connections. It often is a triumph to succeed in a game by ignoring them, but I think I need to open up more to others in game.

Here’s to your own resolutions, and their eventual fulfillment.


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