Rob, the Zombie Apocalypse, and PvP types, the sequel.

ob is a coworker of mine, and one of the few reasons I stay sane in the dead-end job I am currently in. He and I talk about random things, but a common topic is zombies, namely the zombie apolcalypse. You know, what happens when zombies rise up and destroy the world. We both have our own plans on how to deal with it. Out of the convo today arose another typology of PvP players.

In a zombie apocalypse, you have survivors. These survivors tend to fall into certain animal-related types:

  • Sheep. Need to be led, protected, thrive under a leader. Limited to no offensive power. These are your alliance groupies, the people who craft or fly inexpensive stuff to help out.  In the zombie movie, think clueless civilians or cannon fodder. Sheep tend to cluster in groups, and when you cut off the head, you scatter the herd.
  • Sheepdogs.  They get their value from protecting others. In the game, they are anti-PvPers or dedicated corp heads. In a zombie movie, they usually are the one police officer or soldier who takes command of the ragtag group of survivors and tries to lead them to safety, with various results.
  • Hyenas. These are the scavenger types. They shy from direct comnfrontation, but operate in packs and scavenge, occasionally taking on weaker prey. Rob is a hyena-his plan is to gather together a group of his friends, a camper, and scavenge, raiding stores and complexes for survival goods. In game, think of pirate type pker’s.
  • Deer. Deer tend to view confrontation as bad and tend to react by fleeing, or using defensive measures as a last resort. The difference between deer and sheep is that deer are less likely to cluster in groups, and less likely to attack when led or threatened. In game, soloist and courier types. In the apocalypse, those loners who only stop to help on occasion, and vanish as soon as they can. My type is deer.
  • Wolves. Aggressors. In zombie movies, the biker gang that raids the place where the survivors hold up. In game, the PvPers that do things less for financial reward and more for the lulz.

I had an early post about pvper types, and this amplifies it some. What type are you, and what will you do to survive?


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