I like mining.

So shoot me, I like mining. I’ve done the PvP I can with the newbie skills I possess, it’s really not as fun as people make it out to be.

The problem with EVE pvp is that it is simply unbalanced. Because it is an open world, you can fight as many or as little people as are out there. There’s nothing to stop a battleship from killing a frigate, or seven battleships. This tends to lead to PvP engagements that are more realistic and less fun, especially for a newbie.

Generally the point is less about the actual battle as it is evading it entirely, or the favorability of the setup. It’s possible to be killed in seconds by being primaried: by being attacked by all the ships in an opposing fleet at once. It’s also possible to be rendered unable to mount a defense, by fittings that drain your energy, prevent you from moving at high velocity, or even to warp out to safety.

The only time I have had fun is when I initiated it knowing I didn’t really care about what I was losing, and I had a chance to fight instead of getting cored near-instantly. As a solo newbie, those chances are rare unless you join a corporation like red versus blue specifically designed to do just that.

So instead, I’m building ISK mining, and enjoying the feel of having my own barge and system to mine in. It’s dull, but so is PvP a lot of times, since most of the time spent doing it is fitting the ship and looking for trouble. I find I like building the sand castle instead of knocking others down.

I even have a goal, to get a mackinaw. An ice field in EVE is a sight to see, massive mile-long chunks of ice rotating slowly in space, while mining  barges slowly float in between them, blue laser beams carving blocks from them. I plan on moving my little procurer to a field to try my hand at it.


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