Haibane Renmei

A girl awakens to find herself falling in the sky. With her is a crow, that tries desperately to slow her descent. As she plummets, she gets a glimpse of a town, before passing out and awakening in a giant cocoon. She breaks out of it into the world of the Haibane, ordinary people with haloes and wings who can’t remember who they once were, or where they are. The girl is given a name, Rakka, which means “falling.” But she doesn’t remember the crow…

This is one of the most profound anime I have ever watched. No fanservice, no giant robots, no panty shots, no harem comedy hi-jinks. It’s a story about being trapped by sin and finding forgiveness and redemption. It’s power is in that it doesn’t explain, or provide easy solutions. Everyone has joy, but everyone also suffers, and the two are mixed and rarely apart. While they never truly explain what the haibane are, the few revelations in the end are shocking.  Must-watch.

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