Sorry, I’ve been doing a lot of playing over the weekend, and haven’t had much time to post.

Hulkageddon: In EvE right now, there is a player run event called Hulkageddon. What it involves is a contest for the most kills of a specific class of mining barge called Exhumers. The ships are usually poorly defended, and only good for mining. So the players are suicide ganking them.

Where the miners are, Concord offers protection. If someone shoots at you, the police are summoned, and soon blow up the aggressor’s ship. Suicide ganking involves fitting enough DPS to kill a ship in that short window of time. It’s possible to outfit a ganking ship cheap enough to have no real loss, and the mining ships they target aren’t really that strong to begin with. A lot of the mining players are semi-afk or are macro miners as well, and very few fit defensive options.

Currently they are up to 700ish kills. The info and killboard are here if you are interested in participating or avoiding it. It seems to be working, a lot of the asteroid belts I come across are empty except for ice fields.

I’m not really a fan of it. I’m not targeted myself, and am taking the time to do other things in game, but it’s using game mechanics to attack people who really just want to avoid conflict anyways. It’s showing the risks of being a harvester in a PvP MMO, and of not being able to fight back. People will say it’s interesting and adds drama, but not really. A smart miner just takes the week off, and a smarter one might start to think about level 4 missions instead.


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