Red versus Blue

My EVE character Tason Hyena is now a member of the Blue Federation, waging endless war against their Red enemies. Two firsts for me: one is that I no longer feel the need to hide my character’s identity for fear of reprisal or wardecs, and two is my embrace of PvP, however limited in scope it is.

Red Vs Blue are two alliances locked in perpetual wardec. The purpose is cheap, fun PvP that is always on, is beginner friendly, and has a set of ground rules to prevent the losses from being catastrophic. The highest you can use is battleships or so, and you are not allowed to pod members of the opposing alliance. The fighting is concentrated in three systems, Alentene, Alenia, and Tourier, and is always on, whenever there are people on both sides.

It surprised me. As soon as I joined I got my first kill, and in the next day one other. It’s so different when you are not running and don’t have to worry about loss, either cargo or podkill. Not to say there isn’t loss-I’ve lost about 5+ frigs and fittings, and others lose more. But the restrictions make it enjoyable to fight, and the limited scope prevents a lot of the abuse and bad feelings from other types of engagement. There’s also more camraderie, and less srs business.

If you are an EVE player and interested, their forums are here.


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