The new worrying trend: MMOizing FPS.

Global Agenda. Crimecraft. APB. Blizzards rumored FPSMMO. It looks like the new trend in MMOs is to base the model on first-person shooting, instead of third party combat. This is going to be bad, but not because there is anything implicitly wrong in FPS-style combat. It’s going to be bad for several reasons.

First is the tendency to slap on a weak persistant mode of gameplay to an instanced-based FPS and call it an MMO, justifying a sub fee. So far this is a common theme to the games that are released: both crimecraft and GA have been accused of it. That is bad because its a huge temptation for the bigger companies to follow suit, and a COD or Halo game with some minor persistent world features and a sub fee would be a large step back for both FPS and MMO games.

Second is the change from passive to adrenaline-style gameplay. FPS are so much fun because they are a hyperactive form of gaming. There is no abstraction or focus on stat crunching, just pickup and go, and tactical considerations. While it’s fun, the problem is adrenaline makes for SRS BSNS games-it leads to emotions and tempers flying high, and generally a less pleasant experience overall. It’s similar to PvP in general, but amplified.

Finally is that FPS games are the most vulnerable to being cloned and derivative. Considering that one of the great recent innovations in FPS was just to reduce weapon loadout to two guns, could MMOFPS stagnate the genre over time even worse than fantasy MMORPG?

This really begs for a more in-depth analysis than I can give, but I do worry about this trend.


One Response to The new worrying trend: MMOizing FPS.

  1. Tesh says:

    I don’t mind that devs are experimenting with it, as it is relatively unexplored design space in the MMO genre, and experimentation can be healthy. That said, I have no interest in playing these games, and I’d be sad if that became the mainstream of MMO design. I’m no fan of the DIKU lineage, but FPS DNA is even less appealing to me.

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