RVB adventures

It’s been busy.

The red versus blue fighting is okay. It can be a lot of fun, but also dull, since I can only afford to bring frigates, which don’t have much survivability. Fights tend to be fleet on fleet, up to battlecruisers, with limited tech 2 ships. It’s fun to do, and the lack of podding means you can just watch the battle after it winds up. I’ve lost a lot of frigates, at least 20 or more, but my kill count is meh. I appear on killmails, but I only have 3 actual kills. I just contribute to others.

There are some problems. Timezone issues are a big one, sometimes we just don’t have enough people on to fight or be fought. EVE pvp is all about numbers, and there is little to no way to equalize lesser numbers except by bigger ships. That can make battles lopsided. That’s not the worst problem.

The worst problem are 3rd party wardecs. Outside corps declare war on either Red or Blue, and kill and pod our members. They aren’t bound by any of RvB rules, so they bring heavy gear and pod, as well as use every cheap trick in the book. This ties up the rvb war, especially since we can’t seem to muster a response many times due to lack of FCs. You may spend more time evading the 3rd party than actually fighting, especially if they go and target frigates only, or attack us in the middle of a RvB battle.

It’s annoying. Yeah, you can use them for practice, but frigates can only do so much, and you soon get to the point where you want to do what you signed up for.  It’s also not fun. Part of the allure of RvB is they try their hardest to add a balance to most fights, which means it can go either way. But normal PvP is unbalanced by a point-either the WT ganks our frigates, or all the vets in RvB make a battleship fleet to take him down.


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