Also quit Red Vs Blue

So I quit RVB too. The reason I gave was the usual “need time to skill up and make isk one.” It’s not the real reason though.

There were too many nights of spending hours wandering around for PvP fights in which I died in seconds, or just tagged along as part of a huge fleet. I didn’t feel like I could do much as a cheap frigate, or even upshipping to a slightly bigger frig or destroyer.

I think what was worse was that I started to feel I really wasn’t all that good. I think I’ve probably 30 deaths and three kills, if not more, and its hard to really feel ok when your main contribution is dying in cheap frigates so others can aggress your killer and he cant warp or dock out.

So I’m going back to salvage some in belts like I did before. Maybe I’ll just do that for a bit and rejoin them later.


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