Underrated games: Megaman Legends 2

One of my main concepts of what makes a videogame is a story that players interact with. However so many games treat story as just something to bookend their action sequences and levels. However, Megaman Legends 2 is a game where they put  focus on the story itself, and they managed to create something amazing: a game that feels like an anime series.

The story itself is a departure from the Megaman canon. Megaman and Roll are treasure hunters that explore ruins and defeat reaverbots. This time though, they are ensnared in a wealthy explorers plan to visit a place called Forbidden Island. It sounds cliche, but it goes from there into dealing with awakening something that threatens the entire world, and has a very personal tie to both Megaman and Roll.

What’s amazing about it is the time and care spent telling the story. For a PSone game, this game has some amazing cel-shaded graphics. Not only that, they manage to convey expression and emotion incredibly well. This clip is from a boss battle between Megaman and Tron Bonne, one of three pirates, and just watching her react and express emotion is a joy to me.

The gameplay is long, and filled with  cutscenes, and has some great moments. One boss is a gigantic robotic dinosaur, and you can see the influence from their Dino Crisis series. It plays well, but has a story that honestly rivals many RPG’s. This is spoilerific, but this is the penultimate cutscene explaining most of the game’s story (at 15+ minutes!)

It’s sad that this series has fallen into obscurity. It is probably one of the better action-rpgs around, and all of the characters are memorable, from pirates Tron, Teisen, and Bon Bonne, to even Sera, the main villainess. I’d love to see a next-gen sequel, or even a wiimake.


2 Responses to Underrated games: Megaman Legends 2

  1. Tesh says:

    I never did finish this game. I wanted to, but life got busy.

    …great, now I want to go dig it up and play it to completion. See what you did?!

    I’d almost certainly get a new game in the series, though. It really was good gaming.

  2. Dblade says:

    I know, I beat it but now I regret no longer having it. At least MML2 should be easier to find than The Misadventures of Tron Bonne. That one is tough, and fun also. More of a collection of minigames.

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