Killing games: Why the playerbase should STFU

I play Champions Online and I like it. I know the game has faults, and I know it also has some crummy business decisions. It’s okay to criticize, but for God’s sake, say your peace once, then either have the balls to quit, or stay silent for the love of the game.

If you love the game, and your forum is nothing but a pile of ragequit threads and angst, you are hurting the longterm health of it. Does it suck that Viborra bay isn’t free? Yes. Will it suck more if the game closes down because your negativity drives people away? Yes.

It’s put up or shut up. In the long run, being negative may only lead to the exact same thing as quitting your sub, beyond a certain point. Make your statement, say your peace, then either wait for a respnse or drop it.


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