It’s been a bit.

Sorry, I haven’t been posting. My current games still are EVE and Champions Online.

EVE-its all right, and it can be fun, but it really is souless. I’m currently training my missile skills so that I can solo explore in a Caldari cruiser. Missiles are semi-easy mode in EVE. They always hit, but can do sucky damage and be outrun. I also am not in RvB at the moment. I originally started earning money to get back into it, but RvB is pointless, as is most of the games PvP. There is no reason to do so-no real way to take or hold land, just the accumulation of killmails. The PvE grind is relaxing and mindless, and I guess that and chat are why I play.

In Champions Online I had more fun. I had some inspired roleplay one night with some friends in Club Caprice. They had made animal characters as a joke to lampoon all the “furry” RPers who pretty much use RP for sex. I made a character myself, a singing cowboy gorilla. From there, my friend playing a rather evil cat stole my characters guitar, which led to hilarity as I hammed it up for all it was worth (“But kitty, you can’t even PLAY the Geetar!”)

Champions-its odd. The gameplay can be very fun in parts. My leveling character is might, and her special moves send people flying. They even take falling damage, so for the first time in an MMO I can use the terrain as a weapon. I’ve knocked villains off of skyscrapers to the ground below. However the exp grind gets very dull in the mid twenties, and the mobs are annoying. It’s an odd mix of fun and suck.

Other than that, I’ve been a bit of a gadfly. I argued on EVE forums against PLEX for Haiti, because while it is a catastrophe, giving money without expecting change will do nothing in the long run. I was wondering why Massively highlighted an EVE pirate named Mynxee despite her corp having 10 people and not being that active. I probably pissed Syncaine off over his darkfall review, but meh-he really needs to be more honest about that game.


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