EVE PLEX for Haiti

How’s this for charity?

Set up a CCP account in game to donate PLEX to. PLEX is buying game time and transforming it into a sellable item, which can be bought by another with game funds. The item can then be converted back to game time for the buying player. It’s a way to buy free gametime with in-game money.

The account however takes the PLEX and doesn’t redeem it, so by their accounting, it’s not a loss, and they can donate the money spent to pay for it.

Here’s the thing though-98% of the donated PLEX are not bought with cash and donated directly, but are people buying it with ingame money. The people that purchased it initially stil get the full ISK value of the PLEX, and do not donate per se.

The people that do donate the plexes however don’t “pay” in real money, just in ISK. They don’t get the gametime, but that’s not really a monetary loss-PLEX goes for 280 mil currently, which is a good chunk of change but not impossible to get.

It’s an odd way to frame a charity, because most people actively giving are just giving in-game currency. The actual PLEX purchaser still gets the full ISK value of his purchase, and except for the 2% or so that donated it purely, the only thing the donator loses is ISK.

The irony is, that it is possible to steal a corps assets to convert them into ISK and then donate it. The EVE Crime and Punishment forums had a “scamming for Haiti” thread which they suggested just that.

I think it’s a waste of time overall. Haiti has sucked up billions of aid, and the reason why disasters hit them so hard is because they persist in corrupt governance. Unless they reform, any donations are a money pit, and will just line the pockets of profiteers. Heck, even in the USA hurricane katrina had similar problems. Compassion has to be linked to change if the problem is due to mismanagement.


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