The hype starts to die

Massively has this wonderful article today about Allods Online’s high cash shop prices. $20 bucks to upgrade your bag 6 slots, $13.50 for 20 perfume which gives you roughly 10 hours of freedom from the crippling fear of death debuff. These are high even for cash shop games. Keen rages.

Looks like the item shop for it is down, so maybe he is right and it was a cash shop error. Still, I think this where people start to realize that F2P games aren’t always the best managed, and that cost is significant.

Edit: Hmm, I may be wrong. They might be using an actual ingame cash shop and the website cash shop is just for items. Mabinogi mostly had the website cash shop for the big purchases, and the ingame one for items instead. It’s hard to tell when you are outside the game. No offense to Allods in that I’m sure people like it, but I am juggling two MMOs, and there are other F2P I’d like to play first if I did, like Persona Online.


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