Exhibit #1- Game suicide.

Allods Online keeps getting worse. Looks like the latest patch actually compounds the already insane cash shop prices (which are intentional by the way, no error made.) by adding even more penalty to drive you into the shop.

-classes with speed altering abilities had them stripped in order to push mounts, which can only hit full speed with cash shop items.

-Fear of death seems to be doubled in duration, and resurrection spells now cause it when a player is revived.

-game got harder: tougher mobs, more exp needed tnl 20-40.

This makes no sense. Allods had probably one of the rarest things in recent MMO history-a large audience not opposed to paying money in a cash shop to support their game. The pricing error, and these patch changes are a catastrophic decision.

5 Responses to Exhibit #1- Game suicide.

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  2. Gravity says:

    Agreed with that analysis.

  3. Saylah says:

    It’s like a train-wreck. I was just waiting to give Allods a few dollars for 2 or 3 additional bags. But $20 US for 6 spaces in a a bag??? They can bite me now.

    I work for a telecommunication giant – an industry icon. I see BS decisions made all day long that cost MILLIONS OF DOLLARS and lost revenue. All I can do is shake my head and be morally insulted as an employee, and minor stock holder, when we are forced to lay off Americans to cover the losses of dumb-ass decisions. I wonder how these people pulling the strings keep their jobs, I really do.

  4. Dblade says:

    I just don’t get it. Astrum Nival according to Wiki also runs Russian versions of other F2P games like perfect world, so they should understand how to actually run a cash shop and make profit without driving people away.

  5. @dblade

    It may be the result of a tiff between Astrum Nival and gPotato, each side trying to force the other one to meet their demands. Both showing how they can kill the game.

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