Doing it right-Champions and Monster Island Crisis

Champions Online gets a lot of abuse, but some things it does very well. One of them at level 27 is called Monster Island Crisis.

The Crises are previews of a level. You fight in a roped off area of one of the games zones, and they usually are a lot of fun, as well as a quick intro to a new zone. Monster Island really takes the concept with it though and makes it excellent.

You land on the beaches of monster island, and storm it with a bunch of others, including the champion Ironclad. As you fight, you are joined by manimals you free, and its awesome to have a crowd of NPCs fighting with you. What’s more, you soon fight against giant NPCS, including some incredible monsters. I don’t want to go into too much detail as not to spoil it, but one of the coolest experiences is to be at ground zero during a reenactment of one of the iconic fights in King Kong.

It’s over way too quick. But while it lasts, it gives a hint of what the game could have been given time and effort.


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