Alganon reboot

Here at Massively it looks like struggling game Alganon is desperately trying to reinvent itself. Derek Smart is in, and he’s not pulling any punches:

1. Dave Allen didn’t “depart”. I fired* him back in February for insurbordination and for acting against the best interests of the company, the LLC investors (who I represent), the game and the team.

It goes way beyond that, but you’re only getting the short and subtle version.

Shortly after the investors of the LLC unanimously voted him off the LLC. Leaving his previous partner and co-founder (Greg Wexler, one of the most cheerful and straight up guys you’ll ever meet in your lifetime) and myself to run the company.

So yeah, he has been gone since Feb 22, 2010.

I know he’s reputed for some serious net drama, but it’s amazing to even mention this on an official forum. But his solutions are even more amazing.

a) This whole “WoW look-a-like” rubbish, is gone. I’ve essentially asked them to throw it all out and for the artists to come up with the game’s own unique look and feel for for both the web UI as well as the game UI itself.

Totally revamping a game’s UI is drastic, and this was one of the games most common compalints.

b) We’re also getting rid of the monthly subscriptions. They are currently suspended, but will be gone for good. I put that plan into place since Dec 2009 with a view to making the game “subscription free” but supported via sales (I was the one who had the client price reduced to $19.95 as well btw) of the client as well as micro-transactions. It is not a traditional F2P game, but if thats what we have to do in the long run, then so be it. For now, we’re taking baby steps.

So a Guild Wars box model at first, with a possible f2p reboot. Again, amazing. Even better:

c) All paid subscriptions are going to be refunded 100% with the game’s official launch and there will be an email address setup for you to request your refund.

Joking about the tiny sub base aside, to be willing to do so is incredible. Whether or not Alganon survives its reboot, it’s going to be a great case study of how something fans almost always suggest works in the real world. I’ll be following this game closely.


One Response to Alganon reboot

  1. Tesh says:

    The game itself didn’t interest me, but yes, these changes just kicked it up into my “must investigate” roster. I still may never play it, but I am indeed keenly interested in how this all pans out.

    Interesting stuff.

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