March Randomness

I’ve been grinding hard on several of my games recently, and haven’t had much news to talk about.

In Champions Online my main character is level 28. It’s a pure fire build, which is AOE fire damage, and is pretty effective overall. Champions Online is hard in one sense because your character build influences ease of play too much. My fire character does a lot of damage at range, and can cakewalk mobs. My might character does a lot of single target damage but the constant motion of the mobs combined with stun and knockback moves makes it frustrating and harder than usual, despite my might character having more health and being stronger. Unfortunately there is very little group play in the game, because of that.

Quests are too easy. I can solo ones 3 levels above me, and thats all the quests you get. So there is very little incentive to group even on tougher ones. It’s fun though but its  very solo experience.

EVE I joined a lowsec ratting/industry corp that’s about to go through its first wardec. To be honest I’m not minding it because it will provide some difference from how boring the game is PvE wise. Seriously. I’m not expecting this corp to last long, it looks like a LOT of people either left when they heard about it or didn’t provide API keys and got booted.

API keys are essentially a way to pass on account details without giving password or username. It lets corps see your other characters. EVE has trust issues.

Other than that, it’s been slow. I’ve been starting to work on my math skills and revisiting Studio Ghibli films with Ponyo’s recent release. If you haven’t, now’s a great time to pick up some of their films: Castle in the Sky especially is an iconic film, and inspired a lot of fantasy tropes.


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