Fallen Earth

Yep, it’s time for a new MMO.  Fallen Earth gets to be the unlucky victim this time.

So,  during the long download and updating, I get to decide which of the current MMOs I play gets the axe. I play games too hard to keep more than two, and probably are best with only one. So either Champions Online or EVE Online gets the axe, or maybe even both.

CO is the more enjoyable of the two when I play, but as I’m rapidly approaching the level cap I worry I will run out of things to do. EVE is actually the less enjoyable of the two because it has the problem of being heavily group-oriented and yet paranoid about low skill point characters. In my short career I have been accused of being a spy no less of 3 times, and corporations have been uniformly sucky.

It’s a tough choice.

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