Fallen Earth Impressions list

-Graphics are surprisingly impressive.

-The opening is ok, a little too tutorialish though. Trying to bring all of the factions in and having them explain their thing hurts suspension of disbelief. Impressive overall though, especially when they fully voiced it.

-Being set out into the world is meh. The locations are vast and stunning, but they are too large. Even with the newbie horse it takes too much time to do things, especially since you die often early on. Meelee and guns are ok so far, although having to constantly make your own ammo gets old, and there are often just enough mobs to cause aggro issues.  It’s same old, same old just  alot more inefficient.

-Crafting. This seems to be the draw for people, but its just too blah for me. I don’t mind some crafting, but when the game seems to want you to learn every single tradeskill in the game just to be able to make basic things like bullets, bandages, and armor early on it gets old. A lot of times I just wished I could buy things and sell things directly, but values seem very low for components to sell, with npc finished goods very hugh.

I’m still mixed on it. It has potential but I wish they simplified the game elements (crafting, combat, having to feed transport to keep it going) and kept the desolate sense of exploration. It’s too game-y for me so far. What I might just do is strike out once I can make bullets to keep me supplied and ignore the quests for exploring.


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