I’ve been playing way too much as of late, trying to juggle the three MMOs.

Oddly enough it looks like Champions Online will be the one I stay with out of it, Fallen Earth, and EVE. Fallen Earth has so much potential, but it’s wasted. They have lovely underground bar areas with slot machines and tenders that are perfect for roleplaying. You even get an exp buff if you stay there, but no one uses them! It’s rare that a game gets me angry for what it lacks, but as my last post shows, FE is something that could have worked extremely well but is ruined in exectution.

EVE-meh. I’ve said my piece, but there really isn’t a point to my playing.

Champions Online is flawed, but even with the flaws a fun experience shines through. It is like playing a single-player game online, but in a good way. Better yet, it’s a game you can put down and pick up at will.


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