TOR and smugglers: some thoughts

I’ve been reading some of the expanded universe Star Wars novels. They are entertaining, in ways science fiction never is. They don’t have any of the laughable scientism or religion-bashing straight science fiction has, and are generally well plotted and fun novels. However, it made my thoughts think to TOR.

I can’t see playing a smuggler in it when it just means running around gunning down hordes of faceless mobs. Even if you put cut-scene window dressing on it, a smuggler is there to smuggle goods across borders in a fast ship. Yeah I can see battles on land, but the whole idea for one just reinforces my idea that current MMO mechanics are a dead end. I can’t see playing a smuggler whose sole purpose is to level up so he can do 20 more points of blaster damage and 10 seconds less cooldown.

Or a bounty hunter. Did you know that in lolEVE, the one game where you would think bounty hunters would exist and thrive in, they don’t exist? Because anyone putting a high enough bounty on themselves would have a friend kill them to collect. I can’t see how in TOR killing crowds of mobs would be anything like stalking wanted criminals.

I wrote earlier about how licenses work against games, but this is a case where the game is just too small for the license, and the metagame too.


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