Change or Die

Just to give equal time bashing. Sub MMOs aren’t off the hook either.

Sub MMOs are currently like fighting games. They may differ on surface details but at heart are the same thing. The most popular ones are retreading the same gameplay done 15 years or so ago. Street fighter IV is the same thing as 2 at heart, with just refined systems and prettier graphics. Guilty Gear is SF2 a lot more technical, but its still 2d side scrolling where you hold back to block. You even use the exact same super move motions as the original street fighter did in the eighties.

While people play the big releases, fighting games as a genre are dead. They are not “fighting” in any real sense, but are as elaborate and rule-bound as chess. MMOs are the same: it is not an online adventure, but almost akin to playing guitar hero online: timing movements and sequential button pushes to complete a “song” and are as artifical as that is to real music.

We need things like Bushido Blade. A fighting game with no time limit, no life bars, and one hit kills. It tried to simulate real fighting. We are so locked into the game/grind aspect that it’s making games useless and burning people out. You cannot keep repackaging the same old engine and ideas with only minor tune ups, or people will get tired. It’s sad that we are at the point where just putting the Star Wars license on a game and hoping it will have a decent story will be game-changing, or that we still are thinking a sandbox game made over 15 years ago that failed hard is the model for what ails us.

Real, needed, creative change. Katamari Damacy instead of Medal of Honor.


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