Darkfall funnies

So, you want to have a GM event welcoming people back, and introducing them to naval combat. Nice idea, props for thinking it. And it looks like new and returning players gather for it. The plan is to have GM captained boats which the new/returning peeps board and fight it out.

Good idea right?

Except the boats aren’t there when it’s time.

It gets even better. It looked like the top guilds, including one Syncaine at Hardcore Casual belongs too, stole the boats and banked them. The rich get richer, everyone else grumbles.

forum post is here and its 22 pages of hilarity.

Of course, this is the game where they were asking the devs to make AFK macroing legal.

Any wonder why Syncaine is proclaiming EVE as the next best thing now?

One Response to Darkfall funnies

  1. Crevex says:

    Holy crap. This is hilarious. Thanks for sharing.

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