Third time’s the charm.

Hi MMO players. Think you’d escape unscathed?

Ultima Online sucks. Star Wars Galaxies pre-NGE sucked too. EVE sucks a lot. So does virtually every game. Yes they may also rock, and yes you may have a lot of fun with them.

But for fuck’s sake, they aren’t the solution to every problem, and the biggest problem many times is you.

And yes I’m including myself.

You love the grinds and the metagaming and the boring as hell gameplay. You love calculating the best build and making the game into gearscore, grinding raids that you could train monkeys to run through, and bitching about people not making cutoffs or having a life.

You think roleplaying means either cybering, being Goku, being boring, or bitching at others.

You don’t bother to read the quest text. The world is just a collection of mobs to run over, a village with services, and instances with raids. This doesn’t bother you.

You steamroller others using exploits, cheats, or numbers in PvP and then wonder why so few people do it. You take all their goods when they are dead and wonder why people don’t risk anything.

You bitch about mistakes made in other games that happened over ten years ago. You never try to understand why they happened, or realize that its hard as hell to make these games.

You bitch about sub fees. Jesus, its 15 bucks a month. I can’t even see a movie for that now. I can’t even fill my gas tank for it.

We need to change too.

When I first started, I loved online games. Phantasy Star Online was incredible: I remember thinking how cool it was when a new player asked us to gather to cast Shifta and Deband on us. “Wow! he’s buffing us!”

FFXI I loved too, but then I saw how much of this mattered. For every fun time there was always someone griping or something with the community to deal with. I ended that game soloing as beastmaster to 75.

Other games? Now its ridiculous. EVE has a toxic community while having a game that is boring as shit. Champions Online has a so-so community while having no content at all that doesn’t survive your second character. Fallen Earth was the worst of all three-a convoluted game like FFXI but with no community, to the point of not hearing people’s voices as a newbie.

They have to change, and so do we. I’m not sure how yet. Maybe its just being able to play a game where we don’t have to worry about others except to enjoy being with them. Maybe its ignoring the game systems entirely and playing as we liked the first time. Less build for success and more build for us.

Maybe we need to stop idolizing the MMO that deflowered us. Maybe we need to have real lives, and play less. Maybe some of us need to quit entirely, go out and find sources of meaning then come back.

Whatever happens, players are as bad a part as sub and f2p developers. We need to change too.


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