Saying goodbye to Champions Online

I quit it tonight. What can you do when all you log into a game for is very badly designed PvP and roleplaying in all of one area? I enjoyed it, but doing all I wanted in a game in the first few months and coasting for the rest got old.

They did a  lot more right than people thought, but for someone  like me there just wasn’t enough content. I missed it a bit, but moving on wasn’t too hard. My RPSG and the RP people in Club Caprice were fun, but a game has to be played, not turned into a chat room.

Ironically the one thing that I carry from it was an interest in PvP. The  new game I’m on is Aion. Mostly because I am running out of decent boxed MMOs, and refuse to do F2P now, but partly because I want more traditional classes, and partly because pvpve sounds interesting. If anyone wants to say hi, I’m an Asmodean on Lumiel, in hopes of roleplay. I forget the name of my character offhand, its 5 in the morning and I’m half-asleep getting ready for work as I type this. I’ll post it later.


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