Aion: first impressions or how the breast slider defeated me.

So I loaded it up, and my first character Senrya. The plan was to make a priest into chanter, and she’s got short hair and freckles. I figure, hey, lets make her a skinny tomboy.

So I set the breast (or chest) slider down to minimum, and holy hell I still have a rack.

I guess minimum means c-cup in Aionland. I narrowed the hips, made shorter, ect..sort of a goal to be like Menolly in Anne Mccaffrey’s dragonsong. Except with back hair, claws and glowing eyes.

I finish this, and go out into the world.

I like the aesthetic, pastels and muted colors. It’s also nice to actually be a class for a change and not a collection of powers. I can see why though people say it’s nothing special: the experience is pretty linear, and fairly grindy. Character models are excellent with high detail: I’ll post some screenshots when I can.

Currently I’m level 11 having just ascended as a Daeva. The Daeva quest is a little underwhelming, but the cutscene was excellent. I’ll be looking for a Legion (guild soon) but it also feels good to heal and buff others in the world. It’s been a long time since I could.


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