Aion fun.

Well, more levelling. I’m currently 14 now, mostly soloing through the game. Here’s a pic.

The hat is from a quest. It’s a speed run of killing animals called Mossbears. You kill enough, you get a title and a silly hat with nice stats. What’s very nice is you can buy dye to dye your clothes the colors you like, and the emotes are pretty intense. The grind is pretty steep, and there’s some difficulty. My chanter is like a meelee bard, so I can solo fine but multiple mobs kill me since I have no aoe attacks or crowd control.

I also started crafting, which is cool in that you get exp per item crafted, and can queue up as many as you have mats for. You stay in place at a craft table but it’s not bad of a system. I posted in the official forum so I’m hoping to find a rp Legion soon.


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