Best of Anime Geek songs, part 2.

Last post had the first five. Here’s the followup.

In the Night I’ll be there for you-Opening to Key The Metal Idol.

We ended with Lain’s opening, and start with this, one of the few openings that actually sound better in English. The anime is a sleeper: poor Key is a robot, and her creator was killed. If she gets 10,000 friends, she will become human. That’s if she can survive those who hunt her. A very stylish early 90s anime.

The Torch Song-Ending theme to Macross Plus.

The anime that got me into anime. All of Yoko Kanno’s songs are good, but Macross Plus is amazing, and was the anime that I think gave birth to the idea of a virtual diva in Sharon Apple.

Toki no Kioku-Ending theme to Please Save My Earth

Another Yoko Kanno song, and this anime is very haunting. Alice watches a young boy named Rin, who seems to have a crush on her after an accident. And ever so slowly, they awaken to the knowledge of who they once were in past lives.

It sounds very cliche, but it has one of the most incredible esper fights, and the sense of melancholy is incredible in it.

Kokia-opening song to Origin: spirit’s of the past

Movie was okay, although way to brief. This song plays at the start, when the Forest descends down to earth and destroys it.

Rahxephon closing.

Short, sweet, and haunting. The world suffused with sound.

I tried to pick songs not many people know of. Everyone knows the Robotech theme, or “You’ve got the Touch” Transformers movie theme. These are the songs I like, and that get me up in the morning.


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