Aion: Don’t drink strange drinks

Currently am 19, while Lumiel server seems to have failed. I had my first party, which was okay. Just people roaming and killing bosses, hopping from channel to channel. Partying as a chanter is similar to a meelee red mage but easier. You attack and heal. Buffs are one cast 60 minute things, when they aren’t perpetual.

An interesting quest today had me track down a drink that made people disappear to Elysea. Little did I know Elysea is Elyos territory, and this quest was to get people introduced to rifts. There were three stages to my experience in this.

1. Where is Elysea? Oh hell this is a PvP zone>

2. Where is the exit?

3. Oh hell I’m dead.

Lot’s of fun though.


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