Crawling to the Abyss.

I busted my butt today trying to get to level 25 to be able to participate in the Abyss in Aion. The Abyss is a separate PvPvE area where Asmodean and Elyos fight each other and the computer controlled Balaur. It took some pretty long grinding to get there, but I did it.

Unfortunately, and you guessed it, level 25 wasn’t enough. There’s a prerequisite test. There’s a lot of prerequisite tests. First off you are told to go to the PvP area in Pandemonium to practice against other players. Unfortunately none are there, so it was go in, go out.

Next are a series of multiple choice questions on basic rift history from multiple NPCs. It’s not bad as you can’t fail them and they give basic info.

Then you do a trial quest. Mine was killing 3 different monsters, and it took forever. Finally the last part (I hope) is a flight test. That I had to leave for tomorrow.

It’s a lot of work for to get into what is supposed to be the key feature of the game.

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