Aion: The grind strikes back.

So now I’m…still 26.

26 to 27 is 3 million XP to level.

Yeah, you get 6-12k experience a mob and quests add more on top of it, but that is some major, major grind. It’s not hard grind: mostly so long as I avoid more than three enemies at once my chanter can breeze through enemies up to level 29. But it is a lot of work. I’m going to switch focus to the Abyss and an instance called NTC, but even then its some hard work.

On a plus side, I main healed for a couple of boss fights. King Zugog ia a very large named crab mob, and I was part of a pickup group to take him down.

On a minus side, I got my first experience with gankers. The rifts allow 20-45 people to come in from the Elyos faction and attack anyone. The problem with that is usually its not people wanting a fair fight, but to farm people for points. So It was frequently dying to people ten or more levels above me. You lose nothing, really but it gets to be an annoyance.


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