Aion: Mob density and you.

I just got finished a very long party which ended in a wipe. It shows one of the main problems with Aion: the only real PvE difficulty is by superpacked mob density.

We were going to the Ice Claw Mau tribe’s hideout to do some quests there. It was touch-and go from the start. Aion has been having horrible lag and dc problems recently, so having our tank constantly dc as well as other members made for a harrowing experience. An interesting thing about that is even if you dc, Aion saves your spot in a party until time has passed, so when you log back on you are still in party. It illustrates how Aion really is a mix of good ideas and bad performance.

So we get there and we do pretty well. My main is a chanter, which is a hybrid of healer and dps with some buffs. I was main healing. It’s possible to do but we are so illequipped to do so its insane. But we wiped eventually, and it was mostly due to mob density.

Aion just stacks multiple mobs in very close to each other and forces you to use CC just to survive. Not only that a lot of the quests use elite mobs which are designed for party use, and arent just higher level: elites are higher but have a ton of hp and are nasty enough to not bother with otherwise. So pretty much you do ANYTHING wrong its almost a party wipe.

Misjudge the aggro distance as you thread between mobs? Aggro, possible adds, wipe.

CC not stick on one mob? near wipe.

Not see a roaming mob with a long patrol radius come up and link? wipe.

It’s one thing if this were an endgame dungeon, but this is just one of the level 28 campaign quests. The people I were with knew the area and were experienced vets and it was still rough. The mobs themselves aren’t tough except for a few, and some of those were insane: why in god’s name to enemies need to be stealthed right next to a zone-in point? But the density is the killer: just by packing in so many, links and aggro will wipe you unless you follow a perfect pattern.

Aion can be fun, but I can see why it loses subs so fast. I have never seen such a grindy, ill-designed pve and crafting experience ever.


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