Aion: My god, it’s full of grind.

Sorry I haven’t posted in a bit. I’ve gotten to level 31 in Aion, and am looking at 6 million EXP to 32. Yes this sucks.

I’ve tried the Abyss. The Abyss is a series of interconnected floating islands. On them there are enemies to kill, some quest givers, and on the main ones fortresses. Around these fortresses are teleporters for fast travel and artifacts which give boosts to the side that controls it. The main “endgame” involves capturing and defending these forts as they become vulnerable.

In theory it’s an awesome concept, and at least on Lumiel they are really into it. In practice, it’s a mess.

First off, 40+ only. I tried a raid as a 30, got oneshotted multiple times.

Second: a fort raid will bring your computer to its knees. Hundreds of people, fighting all at once. It’s so bad they recommend turning off all player models and using the lowest graphic settings. Even doing that, on an okay pc its near unplayable. Large scale combat of that nature simply can’t be handled on any PC: in both FFXI and EVE you see the same problems.

In the Abyss you can also fly freely with no limits except flight time. This is cool and yet sucks. Its nice to be able to fly, but hard to get used to a z-axis you can only access with a timer limit. Imagine a jet that had to land every minute or so, and you get the picture. It also sucks because ranged classes can abuse the z-axis to nail you, and its hard to watch 3 dimensions.

The reward is abyss points to buy gear and raise your rank. It’s an amazing zone in terms of design, though.

The rest of the game…uh well its grind. I did a repeatable coin quest. Kill roughly 40 enemies for one coin. These enemies were somewhat easy, but you need 8 coins for a basic piece of armor. That’s 320 mobs. It’s insane.

I got a piece of what is called a daeva set for free though, but to get the full set….you need to make a new character, get the, to 30, do the quest, and put the armor piece in account storage. So to get all 5 an use the set bonus as well as get a weapon quest…5 characters to level 30.

I’m not even getting into Kinah grind. Stuff starts to hurt now: spells increase in price and are vendor only, experience point penalties cost 20k and up to remove, and gear is approaching half-million or more for blues.

On a plus note I found a nice RP legion, and I am having fun. But this grind is killer.


2 Responses to Aion: My god, it’s full of grind.

  1. Dril says:

    I’m impressed you managed to stomach it this far; I couldn’t even play LOTRO because it’s a massive grind, let alone Aion. Good luck keeping it up, although perhaps you could wait till 1.9 (or 2.0?) and just level up then, since one of them is reducing the grind, I think.

    • Dblade says:

      Thanks. I’m not sure I can even wait for that. I skipped a lot of the grinding for kinnah because the chanter class is easy to solo mobs with, as well as a lot of campaign quests. I’m going to get to the point where I’ll have to stop just to do character maintenance to get her geared and mission ready. I might not make it much farther.

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