Aion: 1.9 patch

Well, it downloaded and it’s live. Being new it hasn’t affected me much. There are some good things about it:

-they added a lot of good exp repeatable quests in the mid-levels, to soften the grind. It’s still a lot, but killing 15 mobs can get you a nice 200-300k exp reward.

-more flight paths in certain areas. This makes it quicker to get in certain spots. Aion zones aren’t that large, but it saves a good chunk of time.

Most of it though seems to be bad.

-rifting is discouraged by adding more npc guards, and daily quests that keep rifters waiting in their own area instead of going out.

-the supplement system designed to reduce waste when socketing armor with manastones isnt good. Costs a lot for little bonus.

-A lot of useless fluff. Was it really necessary to change title names, or to rename Aetheric gathering into Aether tapping? 12 million+ kinah for a vanity dress?

-Yeah you can buy fluxes, but it seems that they priced the top-end ones way too high.

It’s just lackluster all over it seems.


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