Why don’t we have positional play in MMOs?

Ringouts. First made in Virtua Fighter, they involve knocking a player “out of bounds” to win a match. Bloody Roar’s take on them is even better: hit a person hard enough, and you can break the walls surrounding the ring and send them flying out.

Why don’t we have this kind of play in MMOs?

I mean, my God standing behind the mob or turning it 180 degrees. Wow. Why don’t we juggle mobs? one class launches them, and the others pile in? Why don’t mobs send us flying with strong attacks, even to the point of destroying the environment? Why doesn’t physical movement to dodge or evade matter more?  I understand the classical argument but when we can put fighting games online and have 50 people battles, cant we make positioning matter more?


2 Responses to Why don’t we have positional play in MMOs?

  1. Anonymous says:

    But we do. Haven’t you heard the QQing about elemental shamans in EOTS? Or Boomkin in AV?
    Both those classes’ knockbacks are also frequently used in high-end raid encounters, Saurfang comes to mind. Before it was hotfixed, you used to be able to blow BloodBeasts right off the edge, trivialising the encounter for any group with enough of the right class.

    • Dblade says:

      No, I actually didn’t. I don’t follow WoW much though, tried it but I was coming off FFXI when I did, and it didn’t grab me enough to continue. Champions Online has knockback and quite a bit of it, but it never was much of a problem for raids due to bosses being immune. It made PvP hell though. I think both of these sound like occasions where they don’t design for positional play enough: they make knockback as a stun move but don’t consider other aspects like that.

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