Age of Conan

I’m downloading the free tortage trial as I try this. Before I bought Aion this was my second choice, but I mistakenly figured I could deal with an asian grind having played Final Fantasy XI. FFXI is a grind, but it is done in parties, and there is much more variety and faster leveling. In Aion it was just me soloing, and party play as a Chanter was so braindead it wasn’t funny.

Chanter is a support buffing class, like bards are. The problem is though that they made it very boring. I am a support player: I maxed a corsair to 75 in FFXI, and I also heal in other games. A corsair in FFXI is always in motion and in action: they either sleep mobs in a party whether staging them or adds. They constantly rotate overlapping buffs by party in 3 or 4 ability dice rolls: positioning is very important because you can keep 4 rolls up, 2 for meelee 2 for mage. You also are positioning yourself in a ranged sweet spot to do damage with your gun, and sometimes corsairs even pull.

Chanter…well its not designed well at all. You have a max of 3 buffs, but they are toggles and always are on. You can’t split buffs and you only need to refresh them if you die: players are auto buffed just by you being in ranged. This sounds nice, but makes support into doing nothing but being there. You also have no crowd control, so you can’t sleep mobs or stage pull.

You can heal, but the thing is cleric and templar are so overpowered that needing to backup heal is very rare. So all you do is close ranged meelee damage which is just spamming f-keys and hoping your chain finishes will proc this attack round. So i am a support class that doesn’t support: i’m mostly a gimp meelee.

Anyways, AOC. Still downloading. Pretty much its either this or WoW now for me.


2 Responses to Age of Conan

  1. Dril says:

    In AoC sounds like what you really want is a Bear Shaman. They have, literally, loads of short-duration buffs that have a longer cooldown. but you have enough that if you so desire you can consistently juggle them. Being a lazy arse, I never did that, especially since they cost a fair chunk of mana, but you can certainly do it (and I assume you were expected to in raids.)

    Healing is totally different in AoC, and I’ll be honest here, that’s why I could never really motivate myself to play past level 70. In the few groups I did the healing was incredibly confusing, and fairly challenging, especially if the group positioning is boned and you can’t hit the group in one go with the cone heal. Also, 20-65, as a Cimmerian, was just so samey in zone design. They look gorgeous, but when you’ve been fighting in mountains for ages it gets fairly tiresome.

    But I do love the game. It just wasn’t right for me, as a group player.

  2. Dblade says:

    Thanks, I’ll give that class a try. I just got into tortage as a 7 assassin, but that does sound like I might be a better fit for it.

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