Well, that was quick.

Bye bye, Age of Conan.

The immediate reason? It crashed, knocking me offline. That in itself is okay except it asked to check resources and initiated a 7 gig download when it was done. This despite already taking me two whole days to download vanilla AOC. It’s not a good sign when you spend 10 times the amount of play downloading.

The real reason was that it just didn’t feel worth it to go through the hassle. Combat is too floaty and has no real tactile feedback. You can attack with 3 types of attacks on a mob: for better terms, call them left, right, and center. Mobs can defend those points, so its in your interest to use the location they arent defending. You also can fire off combos.

But there was no real sense of attacking. Combos and striking vulnerable points had no feedback. Even a flash of light or a mob swaying would give better sense of how I was doing, but it felt just like a standard auto attack, even the combos.

What also was bad was the aggro radius. It’s very large, even for critters under your level. I had one point where I had to kill 8+ little snakes and scorps because they just piled on one after the other. Also related was how blah hide was as a mechanic. It’s based on visible light like splinter cell, but doesn’t take into account cones of vision and is hard to eyeball. It’s a tiny grey jewel that barely shines when you are visible. So pretty much my assasin was just a sub-par dps most of the time, or at least felt it.

Music was good. Graphics sucked hard, but maybe not being able to use directX 10 was a problem. Tortage? I commend it for linking quests into a story, but it was just all right. Do quest, go back to trainer, do quest. Do solo story chain of quests, repeat. However there was the problem of forced quests: I’ll write about this in a separate post next.

It just didn’t suck me in. That would be okay if not combined with poor performance and crashes, so out it went. I get the feeling I’m just going to resub to EvE or Champions Online: nothing else at the moment sways me, and as much as I love FFXI I can’t resub now after doing all I could in it.


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