Autopiloting and you.

EvE online recently patched the new Tyrannis expansion. It was a brief patch at only 26MB, but it managed to break the game in one hilarious way involving autopilot.

Autopilot in EvE has two parts. One part plots the route between the systems you want to go to: the other automatically warps you there, stopping at 15km before each gate and going slowly to it. What broke was the first part. You can prioritize safer, but longer routes or faster but riskier, going through lowsec.

However, the safer route function actually wound up being the same as the riskier one.

What this means is a boatload of haulers, miners, and others got directed through pirate-infested lowsec when they thought they were slowboating through hisec. A lot of people got killed, lost some serious ISK. Pirates are filled with glee. The joke is that this is the promised low-sec buff.

The thing about EvE most people don’t see is that industrial and hauler characters get treated like crap a lot by the general populace. Sadly this is another way that happens, even when accidental.

2 Responses to Autopiloting and you.

  1. Dril says:

    Are people being compensated for this or is it just ‘suck it up, this is the harsh world of EVE’ nonsense being used to play it off?

  2. Dblade says:

    No compensation, but to be fair every time you plot a route you get a listing of the systems. Lowsec ones are color coded, so people should check.

    A lot of indies though got nailed, which means they are either macroers, careless, or using routes they didnt expect to change much: i.e. pure hisec. So CCP is covered.

    They fixed the bug with todays patch, but a lot of people lost serious isk. Even some people who weren’t affected directly, because the bug made pirates camp gates more frequently than usual.

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