Thrilling sandbox gameplay

Here’s a little list of how to take a system in factional warfare in EvE.

1. Find an enemy area. This is about 30 minutes of the following.

-FC sends scout to gate.

-Scout says clear

-Fleet warps to gate and jumps.

-FC sends scout to next gate.

-repeat 5-13 times.

-reach the system the complex is in.

2. Scan down and capture a Plex. This involves speed-tanking them in frigs, which means getting a very small, very fast ship and flying them around in circles while every single NPC ship fires only on it and misses. Bring one more ship to stand idly next to the “button”-a bunker. Bring a book.

In 10-20 minutes, its captured.

3. Do this roughly 49 more times until the system you are in becomes vulnerable.

4. Repeat step one to get to the now vulnerable system.

5. Get your bad-ass fleet and spend 20+ minutes shootinng a building till it gets into structure. Run out of ammo a few times. Bring a book again.

6. Celebrate.

Yes, pirates and the other militia can attack you. If they do so, you have a few outcomes.

-they pwn you, in which everyone heads home. Repeat step 1, and hope they don’t camp the system.

-you pwn them, which is rare because you are either two guys in frigs/interceptors, or a big fleet which no one wants to fight.

-you run from each other. Ofen leads to a repeat of one of the above steps.

-you fight, but take losses enough to require reshipping. Half your fleet waits in a safe spot hoping reinforcements dont come. The other half jumps 3-13 systems to pay double the price for a new cruiser.

It really is this boring. I’m writing this post while doing the last step, sieging the system. Want to know the kicker?

You get nothing but standing.

No money, no items, nothing. You flip the system and all that happens is one line of text changes.

The problem is that CCP designed this assuming people would fight all the time over it. People don’t care though, except a few crazy people  like my corp leader. So its mostly very dull PvE action.

Sometimes sand is, just, well sand.


2 Responses to Thrilling sandbox gameplay

  1. Dril says:

    Quick, delete this before the EVE lovers come and take you away to their HQ. Hoq DARE you badmouth EVE? It’s the greatest game ever! On with the space warfare! My freedom is limitless! Pirates and gankers makes a great community! HA HA! HA HA! Victory for the sandbox!

  2. Dblade says:

    I laughed while reading that. Part of the reason why I played EvE to begin with was because I heard so many good things about the sandbox. Right now I’m playing it mostly because I’m out of games to play till FFXIV.

    There’s a lot of glowing press about it, and it has its fun sides, but so many people just don’t see the tedium and down aspects of it. The sad thing is its all potential, but the reality is often things like this.

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