Thrilling Sandbox Gameplay: the sequ

So last night my corp leader gets the bright idea to burn factional warfare missions.

This is going to take a little setting up. FW missions are missions you do in lowsec often in enemy space. You go in, kill a few enemies out of a whole boatload, and run out. Like my last post, it’s often done with small ships. However, my corp leader had us go in heavies for more DPS.

There also is a bug about this, and that’s why we are doing it. Currently all FW missions tend to bring people to the same system due to load-balancing. So that means you can take a lot of missions and do them all together to rake in the goods.

My thoughts on this weren’t good. For one thing, both the pirates and opposing militia know the bug exists, so they camp the areas. Second, we are using big, slow ships that are nice targets and aren’t agile. But I go dump some money into the biggest combat ship I can fly and we start to gather.

So, the first part of this thrilling experience. Getting slow moving ships there without dying. The solution?

Trade ships one at a time to our corp leader, who cyno jumps in his carrier to avoid gate camps and trades us back there. Meanwhile we fly shuttles or our pods six jumps to the system.

I wish Icould tell in words how boring this is. Its safe, and smart, but it was maybe an hour of waiting in station while logistics happened. I’m reading manga in Mangafox just waiting.

So we get together and finally start. There are about 15 of us. We do 3 missions. Bringing the big ships turns out to not be so useful because the targets go down quick and I can barely get in range before they die. In other words its overkill when we could use more agile ships.

Then the opposing faction comes. This is cool to me because it means a fight, and we are a pretty tough force. Numbers are about equal, but they have an advantage. So what does FC do?

Tells us to dock up, where we wait 30+ minutes to merge into another fleet and get them over here. So more mangafox. Meanwhile we find out they dropped capitals.

This is also cool, as caps are fun to see. So the stars get aligned, our reinforcements come, and we are told to go out and engage. I am feeling good about this because given their fleet size, its going to be a nailbiter to see if we survive long enough for our backup to jump in, and even with them we dont have that much strength. So we undock…

…to see them leave.

Which makes no sense. None at all. All that time wasted for nothing, and it wasn’t a fight where they had to bug out due to a blob. The fights in EvE are brief, so time usually isn’t an issue. But imagine a WoW raid where you prep to fight the boss and he decides not to show up.

2:30 am came, and I had to log. Time spent: roughly 3 hours to do 3 missions which game me less LP than soloing one mission. Action? None.

This happens ALL THE TIME. 90% of any op in EvE seems to be logistics and half-afk and moving, with brief bursts of action. In many games this is the case, but EvE amplifies it to an extreme. You look at the fleet fights in stills and videos, but they never tell you the hours it takes of boredom just to do it.


5 Responses to Thrilling Sandbox Gameplay: the sequ

  1. Dril says:

    You won’t be alive for much longer if you keep this up, non-believer. The sandbox police do not tolerate a free press.

    In all seriousness, I can’t imagine why anyone would play this. I mean sure, in WoW (my first, and my main, and the my level capped MMO (I know, aren’t I terrible?)) there’s grinding dailies or playing the auctions to make money for raids, or grinding gear for grinding more gear which is going away soon anyway, but, community and fun makes it worth it, and the “downtime” isn’t really all that boring either. But I just can’t understand waiting for 3 hours for fuck all to happen. What’s the hook? I can’t even see community being the factor to overcome such crapiness.

  2. Drew says:

    In before “Ur doing it wrong”. Dril is right – as soon as the Sandbox Police find you, it’s all over, man.

    In all seriousness, this does not sound remotely appealing to me. EvE never really has, though; I’m not much for “space” stuff.

  3. Dblade says:

    I don’t know, honestly.

    A later battle we had was with a enemy and their carrier. It would have been exciting if we had kept current strength, and the opposing milita came out to fight.

    The problem though was one of our friendly corps dropped 3 supercarriers on him, which made the whole thing anticlimatic. Even when decent action presents itself, it’s often imbalanced and not so satisfying.

    To be fair I’m wondering if it’s also my corp and my militia.

  4. Drew says:

    Completely unrelated:

    Your thoughts on Real ID and the latest forum announcement?

    • Dblade says:

      I’ll comment on it, but since I don’t play WoW I feel a little out of place when so many other bloggers have better reactions.

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