CSM troubles.

Recently, one of the members of the Council of Stellar Management in EVE, Ankhsentapemkah, was removed from the council due to violations of the NDA. It’s generating some heat, for a few reasons.

The CSM is a board of players elected by other players, supposedly to represent them before the developers. In your average game you have the suggestions forum. The CSM go through proposals, decide which ones to bring forwards, and also act as a sounding board for the devs on potential changes. They actually get flown to Iceland for this.

Ankh however seems to have broken the NDA. Not much information has been given exactly how. The last csm member to be ejected was Larkonis Trassler, who used insider info to make serious money and was caught.

Ankh wasn’t popular among many, so not all are sad to see her go. I have no real stake in it either way. It’s a little worrisome though for any CSM candidate to be booted with little explanation. Hopefully more information will come to light.


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