What is it about MMOs and Stupid decisions recently?

SOE charges $55 for a guild name change in a subscription MMO.

Blizzard recently caved in on requiring real names to post on forums.

CCP is letting its PLEX item, which you pay real money for, be transportable, destroyable, and lootable.

Allods Online removed an unpopular mechanic requiring the use of the cash shop, but replaced it with a 50% damage debuff countered by…the cash shop, making the game even worse.

There seems to be a ton of just bad decisions going around in the genre. This is in addition to a lot of controversial ones, like LOTRO switching to F2P. I’m not sure why there’s such a disconnect between players and developers, but now it seems even greater than before. Interesting times.


3 Responses to What is it about MMOs and Stupid decisions recently?

  1. Dril says:

    If people in EVE complain about the PLEX thing, then they can all go and fucking die. Seriously, all this shit about freedom and dangerous world and suddenly, when real money’s involved it’s too far. Well. You know what they (i.e. you (not you Dblade, but them)) say: welcome to EVE.

  2. Dblade says:

    Well, the complaints are more that because of the risk it’s useless for the seller to actually bother. PLEX is also a fixed item: if my ship gets blown up there’s an infinite number of them, but PLEXes are limited because only so many people buy them.

    It’s also kind of pointless because the only one who benefits are people willing to try and jack up the prices through cross-system arbitrage. Neither buyers or redeemers really benefit from this change,because its craziness to move the plex if you plan to use it: get blown up and you are out 30 days of sub time or half a GTC.

    Also, making it like that gives the impression CCP wants to try and encourage people to put them at risk to make more profit.

    It’s a bad idea in my opinion.

    • Dblade says:

      Trust me, I hate the whole dual-sided thing of risk too. EVE is very much a game where the calls to risk are one-sided. I’ll show how in a later post.

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