War: or in which I learn its not all its cracked up to be

There’s an event in EVE called Hulkageddon. It’s held irregularly, and the purpose is to win prizes by suicide ganking mining vessels in different ways. Let me explain it a bit more.

In hi-security space, Concord retalliates if a player attacks another players ship. Usually they destroy them faster than the player can kill you, so it’s an effective deterrent.

However, if you use groups of cheap ships fitted for high alpha strike damage, you can destroy an industrial vessel before Concord destroys you. The plus is that because of Concord, they can’t premptively strike like in other PvP situations, and neither can any defenders. You can either die, survive, or warp away.

I don’t like this. So I dropped my current corp and made a one-man corp to declare war on one of the participants.

You have to understand, the founder and people who like Hulkageddon love to call miners carebears and insult them, saying they’ll never have the stones to resist. So I decided to resist. Here’s the summary of actions:

-one encounter with an actual suicide ganker, who ran away after I locked them with one hit and berated me for even doing so in local.

-the corporation I wardecced joining up with a huge alliance, making the cost of the wardec prohibitive after a week. This is ironic because that alliance has nothing to do with the corp, since its sole purpose is to provide a temporary home for hulkageddon gankers or their alts for the event.

-Calling out them on the official forum and not getting much of a response.

-Spending a lot of hours actually looking for a fight for this corp, and only finding members of the alliance which run away more than fight. Only fight I got was from station hugging undockers. No seriously, I’ve gone through roughly 15 systems  today, and counted maybe 4 reds.

-Wondering why none of either corps try and find me, since I am…a one man corp and easy pickings.

Notice the lack of things that would cause tears, or big-bad ganker horror stories. I am not being camped in station 24-7, or locked in hopeless fights-nothing is happening at all, despite being a target. I’m not cowering in fear either, but roaming systems looking for fights.

There is so much crap about risk and HTFU and carebearing in EVE, but they have to be one of the most carebear playerbases I know. They use alts so they can scout and earn money and avoid wardec problems on their main. They abuse Concord to let them gank industrials which can’t even use offensive weapons effectively and would lose a fair fight to a newbie in a cruiser. When they fly, its in huge fleets where individual skill matters less than focus fire and the grid not crashing.

Even in PvP games, risk avoidance is there.


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