A victory of sorts

I open my mailbox and it looks like 4 corps “surrendered” to my one man defense force. That means they left Hydra Reloaded, the main alliance my wartargets belong to. It has nothing do to with me, except that my wardec on them will expire in 24 hours. Still it’s the language that’s funny-surrendering when they don’t even know who I am and shots have never been fired.

A little background. The alliance, HYDRA RELOADED, seems to be trying to get as many people as possible to make a superalliance and fight one of the big coalitions in 0.0. To that end they are taking everyone they can, and Hulkageddon Orphanage was my wartarget. So when they joined, my wardec jumped up in price and expanded to the entire alliance.

So whenever a corp leaves that alliance, they “surrender” to me and my wardec stops. Chances are they left due to either real 0.0 fighting or the superalliance not being worth it, but I cracked a smile reading my “victory” reports


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