Even more victory (for the loss though)

Good lord, this is a story.

So I’m looking for wartargets. I hit Tash Murkon Prime, and lo and behold, some are there. They were one of the corps that left. I get ready to hunt for them, and the CEO convos me.

He wants a cease-fire, since he just left the alliance I have the wardec on. Turns out he was threatened by a merc corp attached to them, and since he was a small indy corp, he bugged out. I was asking about it when his corpmates Orca was under fire from a rogue corpmate.

So what do I do? Join his corp fleet and try to nail the rogue for the lulz. If it was a trap I was aware, but it looked legit. They could have just fought me straight up. Unfortunately a second wartarget came up and nailed me, whether or not he was aligned with the first is unsure. He denied it, but you never know.

It’s humorous to me, but it kind of illustrates EVE. One guy got pissed at his CEO, blew up a mining vessel owned by another member rather than just leave gracefully, and drama ensued. This really isn’t much content asides from it, and it’s all based on people pissing each other off.

I don’t think you could describe EVE any better.


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