EVE war report #3

One battle. Two people sought me out, and we fought. Wasn’t bad, but I lost. However the guy who tried to steal from my wreck I killed. Other than that it was 3+ hours of roaming around looking. It reminds me eerily of looking for party in other games: you spend a lot of time waiting and not enough doing, so you get bored and farm.

I seem not to be able to find a comfortable niche in the game. I joined a corp and disliked all the wasted time doing things: so I left it and declared war on another, and its mostly wasted time. I wonder why I have so much difficulty now: with Phantasy Star Online, Everquest Online Adventures, and Final Fantasy XI I never had the sense of wasted time, and I left all three games happy. Maybe games are like loves, and you can only have so many.


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