Impressions: La Tale

The second game I downloaded for OG planet was La Tale, a 2-D cutesy sprite MMO. This one…well…

It starts off with a brief introduction. You are Iris (if I remember right) a girl fighting alone against a big bad. The intro is done in comic book style and then you fight, which is a basic tutorial on how to move. It ends, and you start the game with the idea she’s in trouble and you have to find her.

You can then choose a tutorial which for some odd reason has 5 power rangers instructing you on the basics of the game. Yes, power rangers. The game never explains really why them, but the game has a weird edge to it. Control’s aren’t bad. Run, dash, doublejump, use abilities.

Graphics are nice. I have a soft spot for sprites, and they look good. Here is my character:

I’m a mechanic of some kind, oddly like an engineer in team fortress in that I can set turrets. The game is a blend of cute fantasy with some science fiction.

The music is excellent. Very light and airy.

The cash shop is extensive. You can buy pets, clothes, and random things. They were even selling needles to pop water balloons for an event. But pets. Like this guy.

I’m a sucker for pets.

Honestly though, while it’s mindless fun it’s not something I’d be spending money on. I could see paying 30 bucks for a game like this one time if I liked it, but dealing with piecemeal purchases in a cash shop isn’t worth the basic gameplay. The localization is horrid too, unintelligble text that often is missing the last line in a speech bubble.

But the population is all right. One single server with about ten channels. I guess people enjoy it enough to support it.


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